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**Local Creamed Honey – Now Only $9!**


Indulge in the delicious and unique flavors of our Local Creamed Honey, expertly crafted to bring a touch of sweetness to your everyday life. Sourced from local beekeepers, our creamed honey is not only pure and natural but also bursting with delightful flavors that will elevate any dish or drink. Originally priced at $13, you can now enjoy these delectable treats for just $9 during our closeout sale.


**Flavors Available:**


- **Lemon Creamed Honey**: A zesty twist on classic honey, perfect for adding a citrusy brightness to your tea, toast, or desserts.


- **Cinnamon Creamed Honey**: Warm and comforting, this honey is infused with the rich, spicy flavor of cinnamon, making it a delicious addition to oatmeal, pancakes, or baked goods.


- **Chai Creamed Honey**: Experience the exotic blend of chai spices with this flavorful honey. Ideal for stirring into your favorite hot beverage or drizzling over yogurt.


- **Chocolate Creamed Honey**: A luscious combination of rich cocoa and creamy honey, this flavor is perfect for spreading on toast, adding to smoothies, or enjoying by the spoonful.


- **Lavender Creamed Honey**: Infused with the soothing essence of lavender, this honey is perfect for adding a floral touch to your tea, baking, or cheese pairings.


Treat yourself or someone special to the luxurious taste of our Local Creamed Honey. With its smooth, creamy texture and unique flavors, it’s a versatile and delightful addition to any pantry. Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer – get your favorite flavors today at the special price of $9!